Mohammad Abul Fazal Farooqi


Vill-Chandair , Post office-Chainpur Gulaura District-Ballia, Uttar Pradesh-Pin Code-271715

EDUCATION: George Islamia Higher Secondary School, Bakhshipur, Gorakhpur in 1958
Civil Engineering:-
Jamia Millia Islamia in 1962 
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Personal Details

  • Date Of Birth: 01-july-1942
  • Religion: Muslim
  • Marital: Married
  • Nationality: Indian
  • PHONE: +91-9031202271
  • EMAIL:
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Perhaps in 1978, I attended a seminar in the Jamia Millia Islamia which was sponsored by the university itself. A unanimous proposal was mooted in the seminar which said that there should be a colony where Muslims could establish their social and family life according to their own culture. That proposal got stuck in my heart. But how could I accomplish that? I did not open my heart to anyone. I continued to think that the population in Old Delhi was overflowing with growth and the land there was measured in inches. The Muslims of Old Delhi were hard put due to space shortage. I also guessed that the people living there were looking for some open space. So I thought that some land should be searched in the vicinity of Jamia Nagar for establishingthe proposed colony. Thus, according to my resolve, I started looking for suitable land on the banks of the Yamuna. I found that there were many plots of land under cultivation which were owned by non-Muslim cultivation.

Gradually, I began contacts with them. I got good cooperation from Pradhan and the Patwari of the area. Fortunately, deals were made with several farmers in the very first attempt. I entered into agreements with them. After that I had to plan smaller plots and look for customers. Planning was done accordingly, and roads were also marked according to the standard measures. I began sale of the land formally in 1979. Many friends from Old Delhi came to me. They visited the site, and after knowing all about the land they were happy. They started to get their plots booked according to their requirements. They paid some advanced as well. From that advance money I began to pay the farmers so that the agreements remained firm and other farmer could also be encouraged to offer their land. Thank God, I never faced any difficulty in acquiring land from farmers for I had a fair deal with them. I paid them as promised, and often I advanced more than what they wanted.

Sometimes later, some person began land dealing by the name Shahin Bagh. Thus the expansion of Abul Fazal Enclave Part-I established by me continued to expand to become Abul Fazal Enclave Part-II.

Muslims are settled in both parts of Abul Fazal Enclave from end to end. They come from all schools of thought and are working fast on their construction plans. The Muslims here realize that only the best educated upcoming generation can play the best role in the development of the community and the country.

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Kasturi Farm Land, Noida
A project titled Cuckoo & Co. was prepared on February 9, 1981. The project covered an area of about 10 km in Noida. Then, Noida happened to be in Ghaziabad district of UP. Now it is included in the newly-created district of Gautam Buddha Nagar. About four thousand five hundred bighas of land was acquired under that project and the plotting of the land was launched. Seeing a bright future for the Kasturi Farm Land, big businessmen of Delhi, military officers, IAS officers, even some ministers, became interested in it. Several political leaders and ministers purchased land in the names of their relatives. Markaz-e-Jamaat-e-Islami also purchased several bighas of land in the Kasturi Farm Land, which they still hold. Among the big businessmen purchasers of farmland were Chhabra, Sinhania, Modi, A.N. Sherwani and the likes of them. Mrs. Mohsina Kidwai, Mr. R.L.Bhatia, Mr. Yunus Saleem and Col. Basheer Zaidi also purchased plots or helped their relatives purchase.

The Abul Fazl Apartments, Delhi
In close proximity to Noida, there is a new colony where mostly government official, highly-educated industrialists and government employees are residing. A large number of industries are also there. Therefore, the owners of those industries, workers and engineers are living there in large numbers. There is a mixed population of the high, middle and lower classes. Beautiful bungalows and dwellings, huts and kutcha houses are existing side by side. About 19 years ago, there was a jungle in that area. The trees were felled, the land was brought under cultivation and the whole area became lush green. But now it seems that towns have emerged at places, making it look like an oasis in a desert.

M.A.F. Academy

The M.A.F. Academy Society was registered in U.P on July 17, 2000. An application was submitted to Noida authorities for allotting land for the proposed school building. With the grace of Allah, a plot of 20000 sq. meters (five acres) as allowed to the M.A.F. Academy on October 20, 2000 (plot No. A-43, in sector – 62 of the Noida industrial area) with the cooperation of Mr. Arun Vir Singh.  Later, after completion of necessary formalities regarding that plot of 20 thousand sq. meters, M.A.F. Academyreceived formal possession on February 5, 2001. Then there was the question of construction of the school building. In that connection our architect, Mr. M.P. Goel, prepared then plan of the building which was approved by Noida authority on April 5, 2001. Immediately after the approval of the plan the services of a building contractor were obtained for the construction of the school building. Construction began on a fast clip. We wanted to begin academic session as soon as possible. Thus, according to the academic session of a co-educational English-medium school was to be divided in four stages. The stages of the academic session can be easily understood by the following:

First stage: Nursery to class VI, Session 2002-2003

Second stage: Up to class VIII, Session 2003-2004

Third stage: Nursery to class X, Session 2005-2006

Fourth stage: Nursery to class XIII, Session 2007-2008

Other Extra Co-Curricular Activities

In that respect, special arrangements have been made for swimming, table tennis, basketball, and volleyball. Hockey and other sports.

Politics and Business
I always evaded politics. Politics was my housemaid, but I always maintained a foot’s distance from it. I got not one but many opportunities to enter into politics, but I did not tend towards it. Despite being caught in the cobweb of politics, I kept a distance from it. I became a businessmen and preferred business. I was interested in business and it was everything for me.


Basic Education(1st to 8th):- In Chandair in 1954
Senior Secondary Education (9th to 12th):- In George Islamia Higher Secondary School, Bakhshipur, Gorakhpur in 1958
Civil Engineering Jamia Millia Islamia in 1962




  • EnglishEnglish:Advanced
  • SpanishHindi:Advanced
  • FrançaiseUrdu:Advanced


Name Of Organisation  Establish Year
Friend & Co. 1970
Associate Plastics 1975
Laxi Stone Crushing Co. 1975
Chandra Lok Cooperative Housing Society, Ghaziabad (U.P) 1975
Abul Fazal Enclave, Okhla 1978
Abul Fazal Cooperative Group Housing Society, Delhi 1980
Cuckoo & Co. Pvt. Ltd 1980
Cuckoo& Co. 1980
Kasturi Sanyukt Sahkar Krishi Samiti Ltd. 1980
MAF Academy, Sector 62 Noida 2000
Kalyani InfoTech Sector 18, Gurugram (HR) 2013


Abul Fazal Enclave
Abul Fazal Enclave is considered prominent among the colonies in the Okhla Village area. It is located in South Delhi on the banks of the Yamuna. A road on the verge of this colony, beginning from the Okhla head, leads to Kalindi Kunj and on to Noida. This colony has two parts. The first is called Abul Fazal Enclave Part-I and the other one is Abul Fazal Enclave Part-II, which is also known as Shahin Bagh.

Gumbadwali Masjid
The Jama Masjid of the Eshat-e-Islam Trust was the first building whose foundation was laid on the campus of the Markaz Jamaat-e-Islami Hind. But for certain reasons, the construction of the mosque could not be completed on time. Five times prayers are held in this mosque from the very day its foundation was laid. The mosque has an architectural style of its own and reminds you of the Mughal architectural art. Though this mosque of the Shahi style is incomplete, it is widely known and is prominent in the colony due to its structure, interior decoration and the beautiful landscaping around it. It is known as Gumbadwali Masjid also. As for sentiments, the idea to build this type of mosque is auspicious, but in view of the expenditure and also in view of the poverty and adversity of the people building a mosque of Shahi style does not reflect a healthy sentiment. A mosque can be built at a lesser cost and many facilities can be provided.

The description of Abul Fazl Enclave will be incomplete without a mention of the Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine. The sign board of the hospital established by the CCRUM on the road from Okhla head to Kalindi Kunj is prominently visible. The hospital, spread over a 650-square feet area, furnished with various medical facilities, is unique. It is full of patients from 9am to 1pm. Some patients suffering from severe ailments also come from far- away places.


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The Curse of Dowry

Before expressing my views about dowry, I want to mention that whereas my autobiography contains the description of current affairs and the affairs of my heart as well. I believe that every good is a great one and every evil is a big one. So from the topic of this writing one should not think that under it I would be discussing only dowry. I want to point out that what is generally overlooked as a minor matter leaves a deep impact on the society and such impacts sometime take the society to the brink of hell.

Social Changes

At the very beginning of creation, when Allah created man, he was directed to live in the form of society which still exists in certain respects. Later on, man organized himself within the bounds of a country which led to the creation of nationhood. Every society on the basis of its practices, languages and features developed its traditions, adopted its own way of living. From the very beginning, Allah sent pious people in every tribe and society for reformation and guidance of the people.

The Rage of Fashion

If fashion is considered to be a way of life or custom, then it would be difficult to reach the reality of the fashion. In fact, fashion is a way of life which the materialistic society has introduced according to a well-considered scheme. Fashion includes ignorance, arrogance, permissiveness, mischief making, liberalism and all that. In fact, fashion is the brainchild of a society whose objective is worldliness.